My canine Remy as well as my feline Scout like the PupRug synthetic fur beds from

They like these beds so much that they will really set aside their differences as well as curl up on the exact same bed together for the very first time in their lives! Haha. (They do this for hours!)

The PupRug beds are high-quality, as well as I truly like the look as well as feel of them! Yes, I’ve sat on them. They’re comfy! I extremely suggest’s beds, as well as I’ll share much more details below.

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PupRug synthetic fur canine beds from review

What I believe of the PupRug synthetic fur canine beds from

The PupRug synthetic fur canine beds from (formerly treat A Dog) are a excellent quality. I got two beds for evaluation purposes, however I would certainly purchase one as well as extremely suggest them.

The primary reasons I personally suggest the PupRug canine beds are:

1. Quality. The beds are guaranteed to hold their shape for 10 years! They are available in 3 layers/parts: the Memory Foam Orthopedic Bed, the Memory Foam Cover (washable) as well as the synthetic fur bed cover (washable).

2. Comfort. My animals like the soft “fur” feel of the beds as well as the Memory Foam cushion

3. Style. The photos of these beds look nice, however they look even much better when you see them in person. somebody even commented on exactly how good my “rug” looked. Haha!

View the PupRug beds here

Key features of the PupRug synthetic fur canine beds:

Guaranteed not to flatten for 10 years!
Designed to reduce joint pain
Premium Memory Foam base
Water resistant cover that reviews the foam (removable as well as washable)
Very soft as well as luxurious synthetic fur cover (removable as well as washable)
Modern design
Two sizes as well as two styles
Designed for medium to huge breeds (or for smaller dogs to stretch out or share!)

I extremely suggest a PupRug bed if you are searching for a top notch canine bed that will last your animals a number of years. They are contemporary as well as look good in your home. Plus, they’re simple to wash.

Check out the beds here


The beds are available in trendy light colors, as well as that implies they may show off mud or dark pet hair. The rectangular bed is available in grey as well as the rounded bed is white with brown markings so they do hide the dirt as well as fur from my weimaraner truly well. Both styles are likewise washable.
For some dogs or puppies, the synthetic fur may be appealing to chew. We effectively trained Remy not to chew on these beds, as well as they are much more resilient than they look. However, we do not leave the PupRug beds with him in his crate since we understand that’s when he would choose to rip them up.
Designed for medium to huge breeds in mind, however still good for smaller dogs or cats

These canine beds may not be for you if you just don’t like the synthetic fur look or if you have dogs that would like to shred the synthetic Fur.

For smaller dogs or if you’d rather add synthetic fur to your existing bed, see treat A Dog’s PupLounge synthetic fur bed topper.

Jaká je cena? plus a discount coupon code

The PupRug synthetic fur canine beds are on sale for $119 on’s site (normally $399).

You can get a bed for 10% off with code: THATMUTT10 

Order a bed here

The 10% off code is great for all products on’s site such as canine travel gear or accessories. There is likewise totally free shipping on all orders $50 as well as over. view all products here.

Here is a video we made showing off our PupRug beds starring my canine Remy as well as feline Scout:

PupRug style as well as size options

The synthetic fur canine beds are available in two styles: Rectangular or Curved.

I choose the rounded style since the color hides my weimaraner’s fur better, as well as it is made from a softer as well as much more “plush” synthetic fur than the rectangular bed.

Both styles are developed for medium, big as well as huge breeds in mind or for smaller as well as medium dogs (and cats!) to stretch out on or share.

PupRug synthetic fur bed sizes:

X-Large: 50″ x 30″ (up to 150-pound dogs)Large: 40″ x 25″ (up to 100-pound dogs)

View the beds here

If you look at the weight recommendations, the big beds are developed for dogs as much as 100 pounds however I’m happy we went with the XL so my 60-pound pup can truly stretch out.

These beds are likewise ideal for two animals to share. like I said, my canine as well as my feline will share the PupRug beds as well as it’s adorable. They would not be caught sharing a bed before we had these!

Rozdávat! Win a PupRug Fuax fur canine bed for your dog!

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