Are you prepared to dedicate to walking as well as training your pet dog a lot more regularly?

I made a decision to produce a fun, motivational 21-day pet dog walking as well as pet dog training challenge.

It starts Jan. 12 as well as goes with Sunday Feb. 1.

Here’s exactly how it works. There are prizes too!

1. select a distance to walk your pet dog daily for 21 days. For example, 2 miles or 60 minutes. select a distance to difficulty yourself while being realistic.

2. select one little training goal to work on during at least 5 minutes of your walk, e.g., work on heeling utilizing treats or method down as well as stay in new areas.

3. Share your goals and progress! (More on that below.)

A je to!

You can take part in the difficulty as much as you’d like, however I motivate you to stay with 21 days in a row of walking as well as training.

Win some prizes!

Once a week (Jan. 18, 25 as well as Feb. 1) I’ll be selecting one participant to win a prize. It will be something fun as well as basic like a bag of pet dog treats or a pet dog toy. need to have a U.S. mailing address to win.

To enter, just share something about the difficulty any type of time by:

1. leaving a comment on any type of of the difficulty blog articles (such as this extremely post!)

2. emailing a picture of your active mutt on a walk to

3. publishing a photo of your active mutt on a walk to That Mutt’s Facebook page or

4. publishing about the difficulty on Twitter utilizing #ActiveMutts

You in?

The prizes are just for fun, obviously. The genuine reward is costs time with your pet dog as well as accomplishing your own little goals.

So here’s my own goal:

Walk my pet dog Ace for 2 miles every day. during those 2 miles, we’ll method heeling, particularly around other dogs. I will be bring treats as well as stopping if he pulls ahead.

Yes, my pet dog is nearly 9 years old as well as walking without pulling is still a work in progress.

What’s your goal?

Just fill in the blank:

“I plan to walk for ____ miles/mins with my pet dog daily as well as work on ___ during the walk.”

Do you plan to take part in the #ActiveMutts challenge?

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